Our versatile solutions and products will help build a better community


Enhance neighbourhood security while create more and easier ways to access.

Hotels and Malls

Business enterprises find our solutions most efficient and affordable.

Happier and Safer

Building a strong community with the latest access control technology

Facility Scheduling

Keeping social distance and implementing capacity control

Amenity Access

Easy and secure access for all community members

Unique Advantages

For the least amount of time and budget you can have a multi-point access control system that has Bluetooth, electronic key cards, remote open and many more!

No more pulling the wires through walls and trenching the ground in the community!

No internet at all? No problem, we will bring in the 4G LTE cloud connection.

Great Benefits

What our users say about Bluetoothkey

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We offer in person or online demos to show how we can save you or your clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in build cost yet bring latest and greatest benefits to all users of your access control system. 

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