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With a traditional look, our all-in-one reader controller ZA8000M combo supports many powerful features such as Bluetooth unlock from a mobile device, remote open from anywhere and more importantly it stores up to 8000 authenticated and encrypted key cards locally.


The reader controller ZA8000K with a key pad adds more functionalities besides those of SEL8000M reader.  It allows authorized access by temporary pass codes and individualized pass codes.


The all-in-one ZA8000Q features a QR code scanner beyond all the capabilities of ZA8000M.  It is also constructed with aluminum casing and tempered glass for unparalleled durability and sleek look.


The mini controller ZA5000C is small in size yet big in its features. It has every capability ZA8000M has except the reader. It can be used for retrofitting existing access control system to add modern features such as Bluetooth entry and remote open, or it can combine with a reader to become a complete access control system.

ZA Virtual Attendant

The ZAVA (ZA Virtual Attendant) is a gate access control module that can remotely update community contact list, notify residents with a live visitor photo and let residents control entry.  The system anonymizes user names and phone numbers, and offers up to six modes of digital access for residents and visitors. Drivers can use Apple CarPlay, iWatch and Android Auto for one tap vehicle entry.  It also supports transponders. All entries are digitally logged and controlled.

ZA300R & ZA300RM

ZA300R and ZA300RM are metal key pad readers that are waterproof and vandal proof.  They are designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions while support many advanced features such as high-security key cards, individualized four to ten digit security codes.